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This was made for a new street food company in Ireland. We manufactured a salad bar that sunk into the unit to give it a sub way feel and operation. It was cooled by ice packs and fitted with an acrylic lid that acted as a cover and sneeze guard.

These where made for a football club who wanted to start there own street food experience. All where made with wood work tops and sneeze guards they went down a storm. The feedback they had from customers was amazing without doubt preferring them to trailers. Why not start your own street food event?

This hut was made for Black Lotus Catering, who provide the best in Asian street food. This hut was provided with two wok burners, large Parry hotplate and one Burco water boiler.

A red Hut!! Yes this hut was made for Dhaba Catering. Pictured is actually the front serving hut. Dhaba had two huts, one at the front to serve and one at the back which was the kitchen. A very high output setup with the intention for big events. The feedback was amazing from organisers and customers of their set up but all down to the hard work and organisation of Dhaba Catering.

"1st Chai Wallah Hire Show" Chai Fusions needed a couple of things changing on there hut. As they do a lot of indoor functions the hut was made to have the option of the roof off so as to create an indoor stand and professional working counter. Also the roof was made so it could be two separate heights so when outside the customers could see the full 'chai show'. We also made a stainless steel tray with hose that sits on the counter for any spillages, good job our wood is wipe clean!!