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This small trailer was made to be as versatile as our huts. It has been used with crepe machines, cinders bbq or it even takes a hog roast machine!! A great little market trailer with potential for high output and very eye catching.

Our most popular size is the XLarge Hut, this is a 10' x 10' square with a 2' overhang for customers. In the pictures it has a Parry PGF1000 a Parry double burner and also a Parry LPG water boiler. Pictured is a single bowl sink with waste, we can also supply a double sink with our huts.

Our serving hut has a wide range of uses and was originally designed for people with wood fired pizza or jacket potato ovens so they had something professional to prepare and serve from. But as you can see there are many other uses like the outdoor bar by the Fresh Lemonade Co.