About Craig

In 2009 Craig, in the recession, could not find any work as an electrician. He started doing personal training at a substance abuse centre in Liverpool in the mean time to get by. He then realised that the building game had died and it just wasn't for him anymore. With a love for markets, car boots and always wanting his own cafe or ice cream van, he started his own food stall at a busy market in Liverpool. It took a while to get a pitch at this market but after pestering Paul (market manager) a few times a week he gave in!

So the first Saturday came round and he pitched up with his little stall and table against the trailers and cafes that had been running for years.. made £30! A proud Craig went home knowing that some people had come over to try his food… and liked it!

Over the next few weeks with his overflowing mind and persistence he began to try different foods and drinks. 'This weeks specials' board appeared, regular and new customers appeared week after week to see what was on offer.

Ideas started to flow and the little stall with Craig's building background started to change week after week, until the little stall turned into a 20' x 10' outdoor cafe with tables and chairs.. regulars coming to read the morning paper and have a coffee with the now.. 'BIG KAHUNA'.

Big Kahuna made famous by the film Pulp Fiction. "Now that IS a tasty Burger"

Now with a catchy name and the catering hut that he had built, the market pitch had grown into a real business. With people constantly asking about the hut and where do they get one… another idea formed!

Princes Trust accepted him onto a business course and with the help of a few mentors and a small loan off the Trust formed 'Big Kahuna Huts'.

From 2009 till now the innovation has not stopped, improvements to the original and now with a full family of different huts and concepts 'Big Kahuna Huts' has continued to provide a quality product all built in house in England! Using only the best materials, never scrimping on anything. Ethos has always been to provide quality at an affordable price for Kahuna Huts.

The reason why the concept works so well is because it is designed and made by a caterer who uses the hut still to this day!

"Built for a caterer by a caterer"