About BIG KAHUNA® Huts

The Big Kahuna Hut is a concept designed by us (The Big Kahuna Catering Co). It is the first real flatpack street food hut in the UK. Originally it was designed for ourselves and we wanted our hut to have certain features;

  • Unique design guaranteed to attract custom
  • Easy and quick set up - 10/15 mins
  • Can go where trailers can’t
  • Food to be visible when cooked
  • Chef to be at customers eye level
  • Be very versatile in branding and equipment used
  • Affordable
  • Flat pack, portable and only take one person to set up
  • Not just for food!!

    We provide:

    ADVICE: We built these for ourselves and still cater at events so have a broad knowledge of equipment and food types. We can also help you on the type of hut that you need.

    DESIGN: Our original hut design isn't the only thing we can do. We can make the huts any shape, size, colour or even change the roof. We have also made food carts, hog roast trailers, german market stalls and much more. We can give you advice on any designs or ideas you have.

    BUILD: We have full control over the build as the entire hut is made in house. A hut generally takes 3 weeks from design to delivery.

    BRAND: We offer a full branding service even down to design. We can supply signs, banners, menu boards, flyers, flags and much more supplying you with a fully loaded set up.

    DELIVER: We have delivered each hut personally and can demonstrate a set up.

    SUPPORT: We also offer on-going support to all our customers. Any advice you need even after your purchase, not even directly about the hut we would be happy to help...